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Karen Cho

Film and Television

Through her films, Karen Cho recounts untold histories and explores themes of immigration and social justice. The award-winning documentary, In the Shadow of Gold Mountain, explored the legacy of Canada’s Chinese head tax. Her feature-length documentary, Seeking Refuge, which follows five asylum seekers, earned a 2009 Gemini nomination and has been used by organizations such as the Canadian Council for Refugees. She directed four episodes of Global TV’s Past Lives, a documentary series about Canadians in search of their ancestral roots, and worked on Extraordinary Canadians, a biography series that explored the lives of eminent Canadians, where Cho directed episodes on Nellie McClung, Lester B. Pearson, and Norman Bethune. She is currently developing a documentary about the women’s movement for the National Film Board.  She is also working on an experimental documentary entitled Family Secrets, a collage piece that uses old family movies, found photos, and archival images. (PF)