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Nikki Yanofsky


It’s not every twelve-year-old that gets to debut her musical career in front of six-figure audiences, but that’s exactly what vocalist Nikki Yanofsky did at the 2006 Montreal International Jazz Festival.  She was the youngest person ever to take the famed Montreal stage, and the following year Yanofsky became the youngest person ever to record for the legendary jazz label Verve Records – her contribution, a cover of Ella Fitzgerald’s “Airmail Special”.  In fact, this very special Montrealer has a lot of records to her credit.  Millions of Canadians are intimately familiar with her voice as a result of her performance of the Canadian national anthem this past winter of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics theme song, which was seen all over the world by a viewing audience of 3.2 billion people.  Yanofsky also sings Team Canada’s theme song, “I Believe”, which has topped Canadian and American charts, and broken the record for highest debut of any Canadian artist in Soundscan history.  Did we mention she’s only sixteen? (DN)

Nikki, 2010