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Dayna McLeod


Dayna McLeod is a writer, video and performance artist whose work is exhibited worldwide. She created and manages 52 Pick-Up, a video website where participants create a video each week for an entire year. She has been invited to queer events in Poland, Turkey, and Toronto, and her theatrical series, Hot Hot Gossip, played in Montreal at Studio 303’s Edgy Women Festival. She incorporates several genres into her work, including cabaret and animation. In 2010, her film Ultimate SUB Ultimate DOM was both the audience winner and best short film at the Reelout Queer Film Festival in Kingston, Ontario, and in 2000, PlanetOut Queer Short Movie Awards deemed her film, How to Fake an Orgasm, the best comedy and audience choice. Born in Alberta, she came to Montreal in 1995 to complete an MFA at Concordia University. She says she loved the city so much that she never left. (PF)