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Rob Lutes


Folk music may be one of Canada’s oldest songwriting traditions, but in the able voice and fingers of Rob Lutes, the long-standing genre is infused with more than a touch of the blues. Known for his deft fingerstyle guitar work and impassioned live performances, Lutes now has four critically acclaimed albums to his name, the most recent being Truth & Fiction (2009). The album spent three months near the top of the Euro-Americana charts and earned him a Songwriter of the Year nomination at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. It came on the heels of his breakthrough third album, the internationally acclaimed Ride the Shadows (2007), which broke his musical talents wide open at home, in the US, and on the European charts.  Several of his songs have been recorded by other artists, such as Bob Walsh, Nanette Workman and Dawn Tyler Watson. (DN)

Photo Credit: Tony Lazarecki