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Stéphanie Breton


Montreal Gazette’s Bill Brownstein called Stéphanie Breton “one of the hardest working actors in this city” and her performance in the 2007 Centaur production Trying was nominated for a Masques Award. In the 2009 Fringe Festival hit comedy, 13th hour, she spoofed a Quebec culture critic and then at the Segal Centre Lab she explored the destructive side of mental illness in Sarah Kane’s darkly dramatic 4.48 Psychosis. Breton also jumps easily from French to English and, as a professional figure skater that toured with Disney On Ice’s Toy Story, she is perfectly comfortable performing in front of an arena full of boisterous kids. Born in London, Ontario to francophone parents, Breton moved to Montreal as a child, attending French schools until she switched to English to study theatre at John Abbott College. She later trained in French at Jean Asselin’s École de Mime. (PF)