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Lorraine Simms

Visual Arts

Lorraine Simms has painted subjects as diverse as mechanical hearts to portraits of women wanted for fraud. Firmly committed to painting as a means of engaging with the world, her practice has been developed in thematic series that are linked formally and conceptually. Her ongoing series The Real Imaginary is inspired by the spectacular beauty of covert photography. Based on surveillance photographs, these paintings explore the gulf between direct and technologically aided vision. In other recent paintings she focuses on people dressed in masks and costumes; game-show sets; and images of startled deer. These diverse subjects allow her to engage with several interconnected themes that touch on identity, “human nature,” and our relationship to the natural world. These paintings reference art, popular culture, mythology and children’s fables. The recipient of numerous arts grants, Simms has been featured in solo and group exhibitions across Canada and the U.S. Born in Montreal, she is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Concordia University where she earned an MFA in 1990. She is currently Chair of the Fine Arts program at Dawson College. (PF)

Two by Two, oil on canvas, 2009