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Kid Koala


Exploding onto the international scene in 1996, turntablist Kid Koala (aka Montrealer Eric San) became the first North American to sign with legendary British label Ninja Tune. He brought with him an unabashedly original DJing style, in which he used elements from hip hop scratch and musique concrete to weave an aural landscape that was immensely detailed and surreal. What’s more, San could replicate the complexity of his turntable skills live, in real time, and this allowed him to garner a wide audience outside the genre. An unerringly meticulous composer, it took four years for Kid Koala to release his debut album, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (2000), which came with a 32-page comic book hand-drawn by San himself. Comics have long been part of his artistic persona. In 2003, he published the 350-page comic, Nufonia Must Fall. Later that year, Kid Koala released his second album, Some of My Best Friends Are DJs, and his third album, Your Mom’s Favourite DJ, followed in 2006. (DN)

Photo Credit: Corinne Merrell