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Cynthia Scott

Film and Television

Filmmaker  has managed on several occasions to find wide audiences for artistic and innovative films. She won the 1983 Academy Award for her short documentary, Flamenco at 5:15. In 1990, she made the feature-length semi-documentary/semi-fiction film, The Company of Strangers, about a group of eight, mostly elderly women stranded in a remote cottage. It was a box-office hit in Canada and the U.S. Many of Scott’s films have been set in the dance world, including For the Love of Dance, Gala, and Jack of Hearts. She began her career at the CBC, where she would eventually produce the progressive social affairs program, Take 30. She was then hired by the National Film Board, where she worked on several films, including the Oscar-nominated, First Winter with Gloria Demers, which she researched and co-wrote. Scott has won numerous awards for her films, including the 1991 Alberta/Quebec Award for Innovation in Cinema. (PF)