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Carlos and Jason Sanchez

Visual Arts

Brothers Carlos and Jason Sanchez, whose work together is often signed simply as The Sanchez Brothers, are young photographers who blow up the dimensions and conduct of an image to the size of the silver screen. Staging meticulously orchestrated scenarios in which every detail is scrutinized for its synchronicity, the brothers excel at the exploration of complexities within psychological landscapes. The conspicuous stillness of their work is both stark and universal, brimming with references to the paintings of the Old Masters and always encapsulating a story. At 33 and 28 respectively, Carlos and Jason are two Quebecers who have wasted no time gaining a foothold on the international arts scene. Their first exhibition opened in 2002 at Montreal’s Espace 306, and since then they have held celebrated exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Brussels, Strasbourg, and Amsterdam. The brothers look forward to moving their tableaux into film soon. (DN)