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Alain Goulem


Equally at ease in front of Quebec’s theatrical audiences as well as under the bright lights of Hollywood studios, bilingual actor Alain Goulem is a born-and-bred Montrealer whose work frequently takes him all over the continent. Goulem’s long career began with child roles in American productions featuring Liza Minelli and Lee Majors. Hollywood kept calling as he got older, and over the past twenty years, Goulem has garnered roles opposite Nicolas Cage, William Hurt, and Alec Baldwin. Such fortunes south of the border have translated into Canadian success. Goulem has starred in CBC productions such as The Tournament, 18 to Life, and the French-language crime drama Le Negotiateur. A voracious and constant presence on the theatrical stage, Goulem’s talents have earned him performances from coast to coast, with starring roles at the Stratford Festival, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Banff Centre, and Montreal’s Centaur Theatre. He is also an accomplished theatre director. (DN)