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Louis Rastelli


In 2001, artist Louis Rastelli did something unique in the area of arts promotion. He created the Distroboto. The machines, found in various cafés, bars and bookstores in Montreal, sell art, crafts, music, film, and writing out of former cigarette machines. New York Times Magazine named the Distroboto network one of the “Ideas of the Year.” Since its inception in 2001, more than 30,000 pieces of art from over 600 Montreal artists have been sold. Rastelli began his career by writing music reviews and, in 1996, began publishing Fish Piss Magazine, an irregular compendium of local writing and art named “Canada’s best zine” by Broken Pencil Magazine. In 2002, along with other small publishers, Rastelli co-founded Expozine, Montreal’s annual small press, comic and zine fair. He also co-founded Archive Montreal, dedicated to preserving indie art. In 2007, Insomniac Press published his debut novel, A Fine Ending. (PF)