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Kevin Tierney

Film and Television

A film producer with an enviable track record for having his finger on the pulse of the public, Kevin Tierney, with his company Park Ex Pictures, has developed some of the most talked-about Canadian film productions of the last decade. A 1978 Concordia graduate, Tierney is best known as the producer and co-writer behind the 2006 national box-office smash, Bon Cop, Bad Cop. A rare comedic romp through Canada’s ultra-sensitive cultural divide, the film earned Tierney both Genie Awards and Prix Jutras. However, even before Bon Cop, Bad Cop, Tierney had built a reputation for exposing Canadian taboos. One Dead Indian: MOW (2004), dramatized the 1995 Ipperwash Crisis, while Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story (2002) brought abortion to national television screens. Since 2006, he has produced movies in both French and English, including Serveuses Demandées (2007) and Love and Savagery (2008). This year sees Tierney return to the team that delivered his biggest success, with the quintessentially Montréalais Notre Dame de Grace. After decades behind the scenes, Tierney is directing his first film, French Immersion. (DN)