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Dan Seligman


Music promoter Dan Seligman is a driving force for Montreal’s thriving indie music scene. He is creative director of Pop Montreal, a festival he launched in 2002 with Noelle Sorbara and Peter Rowan; promoter for Plants and Animals and The Arcade Fire, whose Quebec shows he has produced since the launch of their breakthrough album, Funeral (2004); and manager of the eccentric Jewish hip-hop artist, Socalled. Seligman was born in Toronto in 1976 and, shortly after graduating, started his music career by helping out his brother’s band, Stars. This evolved into booking, promoting, and managing the group for three years, during which time they found international success. It was at that point that Pop Montreal began, with Seligman booking artists as diverse as Patti Smith, Loudon Wainwright III, The Butthole Surfers, Metric, and Roxanne Shante, and promoting emerging bands like The Unicorns, Duchess Says, and Think About Life. (PF)