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AIDS Wolf / Seripop


Blending elements of post-hardcore sludge, white-noise peaks, and no-wave skittishness into one loud hammer attack of riffage, Montreal’s AIDS Wolf are among one of the heaviest and most notorious underground rock bands to break off the Main in the past decade.   Though the band has undergone more personnel changes than most bands could withstand, the current trio of Chloe Lum, Yannick Desranleau, and Alex Moskos are holding tight.  AIDS Wolf was known for their infamous live show long before they began releasing records on American labels such as Lovepump United and the legendary noise-rock imprint Skingraft.  While Moskos has divided his time between AIDS Wolf, spazzy space-rock jammers The Unireverse and his solo project Drainolith, Lum and Desranleau have perhaps left a wider imprint on Montreal’s indie community through their poster and album art as Seripop.  Their unique designs have graced the concerts and records of countless bands and festivals, been pasted onto walls and floors of art galleries as large-scale 3D installations, and been featured in books such as as Steven Heller’s New Vintage Type and John Foster’s New Masters of Poster Design.  In 2007 Seripop was even the recipient of a Juno Award for CD/DVD Artwork Design of the Year. (DN)